Black Nickle LED Spot Light

Black Nickle LED Spot Light can be plastered into new ceilings and uses a deep 25mm dual black baffle system to help reduce glare. It is with COB LED Chip, wattage range from 7W, 12W, and 24W, available with a beam angle of 15° 24° , 36° or 55°, also it’s come with round & square shape, and the multiple installations like recessed & frameless.




7W, 12W, 24W


63*H75mm, 85*H89mm, 104*H115mm


55mm, 75mm, 95mm

Beam Angle

15D, 24D, 36D, 55D


Details about Black Nickle LED Spot Light

Black Nickle LED Spot Light series has integrated LEDs in the fitting. interchangeable reflectors allow you to accurately light a space LED chip to provide a true color rendition of art, fabrics, and furniture allowing you to play with light and dark contrast. The reflectors have been carefully designed to allow great design flexibility with a 15,38 and 60-degree reflector supplied with each downlight. The 60-degree reflector is perfect for general lighting providing a large pool of diffused light. The 38-degree can be used on higher ceilings pushing more light onto the working plane and is also great for highlighting art. The 15-degree beam is great for cascading light down a wall, highlighting a table or artwork, or creating pools of concentrated light. This gimble downlight is a stylish and minimalist design with low glare reflectors that provide comfortable lighting. The gimble action directs the full-spectrum light in your desired direction. Click Here for Installation Instructions

Product Feature
1. Spotlight for contact tracks with LED techniques for various lighting tasks.
2. Light head pivots through 90°, rotates through 355°.
3. Die-casting aluminum heat sink for thermal management of passive cooling.
4. High-quality aluminum reactor for maximum luminous efficiency.
5. CRI is more than 82/ 90; UGR is less than 19. High-efficiency LED.
6. Lifetime above 50,000 hours, customizing LED type, and drive is available.
7. Integrated power supply unit.
8. Color: White, grey.

FactoryZCL Lighting
Color Temperature2700K-6000K
CRIRa>80/ Ra>90
Luminous Efficacy150lm/W
Input VoltageAC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power FactorPF>0.9
DriverFlicker Free
Functions1-10V, DALI, Sensor, Emergencey
Working Temp.-20 ~ +45°C
Warranty5 Years
CertificateCE RoHS ETL

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