Downlight 10W Black + Gun Black

Downlight 10w balck + gun black can be adjustable 360°, with a shinland reflector which offers a very high transmittance and lumen, plastered into new ceilings and uses a deep 25mm dual black baffle system to help reduce glare. It is with COB LED Chip, wattage is 12w suitable for office, home & hotel, etc, available with a beam angle of 15/24/36°, also it’s come with round and square shape, the finish with black and white.




5W/ 7W/ 10W/ 12W/ 18W/ 24W/ 30W


65*H72mm, 65*H85mm, 85*H76mm, 85*H79mm, 85*H95mm, 105*H102mm, 105*H122mm

Cut Out

55mm, 75mm, 95mm

Beam Angle

15D, 24D, 38D


Details about Downlight 10W Black + Gun Black

Downlight 10w balck + gun black series has integrated LEDs in the fitting. interchangeable reflectors allow you to accurately light a space LED chip to provide a true color rendition of art, fabrics, and furniture allowing you to play with light and dark contrast. The reflectors have been carefully designed to allow great design flexibility with a 15,38 and 60-degree reflector supplied with each downlight. The 60-degree reflector is perfect for general lighting providing a large pool of diffused light. The 38-degree can be used on higher ceilings pushing more light onto the working plane and is also great for highlighting art. The 15-degree beam is great for cascading light down a wall, highlighting a table or artwork, or creating pools of concentrated light. This gimble downlight is a stylish and minimalist design with low glare reflectors that provide comfortable lighting. The gimble action directs the full-spectrum light in your desired direction. Click Here for Installation Instructions

Product Feature
1. Spotlight for contact tracks with LED techniques for various lighting tasks.
2. Die-casting aluminum heat sink for thermal management of passive cooling.
3. High-quality aluminum reactor for maximum luminous efficiency.
4. CRI is more than 90/95; UGR is less than 16. High-efficiency LED.
5. Lifetime above 50,000 hours, customizing LED type, and drive is available.
6. Integrated power supply unit.
7. Color: White & Black.

8. Dimmer: 1-10V dimmer/ DALI Dimmer/ Phase Dimmer.

9. Lens-Beam angle:8°/15°/24°/38°/60° Reflector-Beam angle:15°、24°、38°

10. Reflector: black/mirror/matte black/sub-white/sand silver/gold/ gun black;

FactoryZCL Lighting
Color Temperature2700K-6000K
CRIRa>80/ Ra>90
Luminous Efficacy150lm/W
Input VoltageAC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power FactorPF>0.9
DriverFlicker Free
Functions1-10V, DALI, Sensor, Emergencey
Working Temp.-20 ~ +45°C
Warranty5 Years
CertificateCE RoHS ETL

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