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Industrial style, a popular trend style in the pursuit of interior design in recent years, is now very popular with the young public. It originated from warehouses or waste of factories converted into both residential function of the artist studio. The industrial style chandelier, showing its unique retro flavor, in the retro also old home to show an industrial style chandelier makes the entire home environment as if back to the steampunk home era.

Also known as pendant lighting, there are two types of pendant rods and pendant wires. Usually, we also subdivide chandeliers into indoor lighting chandeliers at home and engineering chandeliers for large commercial spaces. The characteristics of chandeliers are high-end atmosphere, especially in some large commercial spaces, a set of luxury engineering chandeliers can add a lot of points to the overall space.

It is worth mentioning that chandeliers are mostly used as the main lighting in home spaces, but if the height of the home space is not high enough (below 2.6m), we do not think it is suitable to install chandeliers.

In terms of style, chandeliers have shades facing up and shades facing down, I recommend choosing the shade opening facing up, which will avoid producing harsh dazzling light.

TIPS: Now there is a kind of telescopic chandelier (pendant rod or pendant chain can be freely retracted), which has somehow broadened the application scenario of pendant lights.

The industrial style chandelier decoration effect picture fully demonstrates the decoration full of design, chandelier decorated in the open dining room and living room top, chandelier on the crystal hanging beads dispersed around, through the window into the light, looking from afar, looks extraordinarily transparent and bright, above with a chain will chandelier and roof cleverly connected, and then hang down vertically, crystal plus chain with the process of chandelier retro industrial style exhibition Undoubtedly, the nostalgic atmosphere immediately diffused the entire interior environment, plus the entire home decoration style is retro nostalgic style, the wall black and white frame decorative painting and chandelier far echo, the industrial nostalgia to the end. Together with the potted plants placed around the embellishment, so that you feel in the retro steampunk home era to bring you a little bit of greenery to refresh.

How to buy suspended Lights for your project?

Living room chandelier selection techniques.

1、Room height.

In the purchase of chandeliers before, first should measure the installation location of the decoration after the net height of the room, if the net height of less than 2.6 meters is not recommended to choose to install chandelier products. Because chandeliers usually need to sag more than 40 centimeters to have a better effect, and the installation of chandeliers in the case of low indoor height not only can not play a good decorative effect, but also make the indoor space appears low and depressing, which is a very worthwhile practice.

2、Lighting style.

In the case of indoor height suitable for the installation of chandeliers, the purchase of lamps and lanterns also need to pay attention to the design, shape, color style and interior decoration style coordination, which is also one of the issues that must be paid attention to when buying chandeliers. Usually luxury, complex decoration style applicable modeling complex, colorful chandeliers; and minimalist decoration style is more suitable for modeling simple, pure color chandeliers.

3、Number of lamp heads.

The third point of attention in the selection of chandeliers: the choice of the number of lamp heads. When we buy chandeliers, we need to choose the right number of heads according to the lighting area, the lighting requirements to be met and several other aspects. Usually, the chandelier with more lamp heads is suitable for providing decoration and lighting for large space; while the chandelier with less lamp heads is suitable for providing decoration and lighting for small space. Therefore, we should choose the chandelier products based on the applicable principle of choosing as needed.

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How to install the chandelier lighting?

Installation steps for living room chandeliers.

1、Installation drill.

Select a suitable electric drill → install the drill.

Note: The hole in the ceiling is generally played 6mm, installation is to choose a suitable electric drill gauge.

2、Find the hole position on the ceiling plate of the suction cup.

Take down the pegboard from the ceiling plate → align the ceiling plate → on the screws.

Note: If you find the empty position has not been aligned, pay attention to adjust the position of the screws.


Mark on the wall → drilling.

Note: When drilling holes must pay attention to the depth of the hole.

4、On expansion screws.

Expansion screws race to the hole → hammer knocked in.

5、Fixing the wall plate.

The expansion screws are completely embedded in the wall → fix the wall plate.

Note: must be installed firmly, do not make the wood screws appear offset.

6、Fixed ceiling plate and light body.

Hanging plate and ceiling panel with screws connected → screwed → fixed ceiling panel.

Some successful case studies for your reference

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