ZCL Lighting: Your Trusted LED Track Lighting Manufacturer In China

As a leading LED outdoor light manufacturer in China, ZCL lighting started in 2013 with patented led spike light, led floodlight, led wall lamp in mass production and sells them all over the world. ZCL Lighting keeps focusing on the development and manufacturing of outdoor light, led floodlight are the top sales product. The led outdoor lights are exported to different lighting contractors and lighting design and distributors from more than 30 countries. ZCL lighting offer customized designs to meet projects requirement and a custom-made package for the tracklight is also possible. In some light and luxurious spaces and villas, special lamps are needed to decorate and enhance the sense of lighting design of the space. Then all-copper lamps are the best choice for lighting designers and architects. Both track rail,  recessed and surface mounted are satisfied.


What’ the outdoor light?

Outdoor luminaires are also known as lamps outside of the house. Outdoor luminaires are designed to keep the outdoors bright while having a decorative effect. Many people will think that the purchase of lamps and lanterns is a very simple matter, as long as the brightness is appropriate, but in fact, the materials, electronics, optical knowledge and so on are very important considerations. Lamps according to the use of different areas, the way to buy different. Outdoor lamps and lanterns, as the name suggests, are lighting fixtures used outdoors, including street lights, landscape lights, lawn lights, spotlights, wall lights and so on. Today I will introduce you how to choose outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting prices.

How to choose outdoor lamp for your project?
  • outdoor road lighting. Road lighting requirements for lamps and lanterns will be much stricter, due to the harsh outdoor environmental conditions, so it is necessary to ensure that the lamps and lanterns of high temperature and low-temperature resistance characteristics, generally this case choose special road lights.
  • outdoor architectural lighting, this kind of lighting is generally for high-rise exterior lighting, mainly for sightseeing roles, in this case, you can choose small power lighting fixtures, generally choose color flow lighting.
  • Coal plant, outdoor operation lighting. In this case, because of the mobility of outdoor operations, so generally
    In this case, mobile lighting will be selected, such as mobile lighting vehicles, strong flashlights, strong searchlights, etc.
  • The choice of outdoor lighting fixtures is mainly based on the above uses, as for the types of lamps and lanterns are generally metal halide lamp, induction lamp, LED lamp, these three main light sources, if the place environment is really bad, you can choose explosion-proof lamp.

Get the right Lighting Solution for your Project!

How to choose outdoor lamp for your project?

LED Wall Lamp

Wall light is still relatively beautiful, simple and beautiful lines. A variety of styles, forms, generally placed in the community, parks, or column head, highly appreciated. It is simple to install, easy to maintain, less power consumption.

LED Garden Light

Garden lights are mainly used in urban roads and some public places such as community roads, courtyard lights can significantly improve the living environment to improve the quality of life of residents. Daytime garden lights have embellished urban landscape; night garden lamps can provide the necessary lighting and to the convenience of life, increase the residents’ sense of security, but also highlight the city highlights, interpretation of bright style. The height is between 2.5-5 meters.

LED Floodlight

Floodlights, which can also be called spotlights, are usually able to be aimed in any direction and have a structure that is not affected by weather conditions. Almost all large area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as floodlights.

LED Underwater Lamp

Underwater lights, mainly used in underwater light body, waterproof, only low-voltage current can be used. Used in conjunction with fountains.

Underground Lamp

Inground lights will be used in shopping malls and parking lots, green belts and other places, mainly buried in the ground, used for decorative or instructional lighting, and some are used to wash the wall or shine trees, its application has considerable flexibility.