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As a leading LED Track Lighting manufacturer in China, ZCL lighting started in 2013 with patented led tracklight in mass production and sells them all over the world. ZCL Lighting keeps focusing on the development and manufacturing of track light fixtures, Commerical tracklights are the top sales product. The led track light are exported to different lighting contractors and lighting design and distributors from more than 30 countries. ZCL lighting offer customized designs to meet projects requirement and a custom-made package for the tracklight is also possible. In some light and luxurious spaces and villas, special lamps are needed to decorate and enhance the sense of lighting design of the space. Then all-copper lamps are the best choice for lighting designers and architects. Both track rail,  recessed and surface mounted are satisfied.


What is magnetic suction track light?

Magnetic suction track light, as the name implies is based on the traditional track light with the addition of magnetic suction connection structure, on the advantages of the track light, more convenient and flexible installation and removal of lighting components, easy for daily maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, because the track is low-voltage power supply, the lamp body can be removed from the drive, so the track and lighting more compact and exquisite, in the case of power allowed, according to the needs and uses, any splicing lamps and lanterns, more convenient, fast, forming a unique sense of design.Magnetic suction track can freely choose the type and length of the track, there are generally embedded magnetic suction track, bright magnetic suction track, hanging magnetic suction track these 3 types. Embedded in the shape of the most simple, the overall lines are more refined, but the installation is more difficult, need to complete the pre-buried through the ceiling; Ming installed and suspended without pre-buried, in the case of not doing the ceiling can be achieved.


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Magnetic light is a kind of lighting system that can be freely matched with the modules according to the demand, generally there are four types of flood module, grille module, spotlight module, pendant line spotlight module. Flood module light evenly, to enhance the brightness of space, to meet the basic lighting; grille module adjustable models can meet the multi-angle lighting needs; spotlight module to meet the basis of adjustable angle to achieve precise focus; pendant line spotlight module can achieve close lighting effect.

Advantages of magnetic track lighting

Extraordinary beauty.

Magnetic track light simple lines of beauty, not like traditional lighting so stereotypical boring, but flexible and full of new ideas; its appearance is not only simple and good-looking, itself also has a very strong plasticity, can highlight a variety of styles and designs, enhance the sense of space levels, very suitable for today’s popular minimalist design.

Portable installation.

As the magnetic suction track light adopts the modular installation concept, only after pre-buried or laid track, the lamps and lanterns can be installed and disassembled in a second. Therefore, whether during installation or after installation, you can freely increase or decrease the number of lamps and lanterns and assemble different lamps and lanterns, which greatly saves assembly time and facilitates future maintenance.

Flexible pairings.

Want to do the whole house ceiling can choose embedded magnetic suction track, do not want to do the ceiling or decoration after the temporary intention to do magnetic suction track lights can choose the bright installation and hanging two models. At the same time, there are many light source modules that can be applied to magnetic track lights, including spotlights, grille lights, floodlights, decorative lights, etc., so you can freely choose the light source and DIY with it.

There is no limit to the number of lamps installed on the track (in theory, do not exceed the wattage of the variable voltage power supply can be), in the magnetic track, the light source can be freely moved, according to the space requirements of the free deployment of lights. In addition, many magnetic light sources are adjustable angle, including magnetic spotlights, magnetic grille box, etc., increasing the freedom of lighting design to meet the lighting needs of different spaces.

Why choose ZCL Lighting to be your partner

  • More than 1000pc design can be an option;
  • Accept client’s design supplied ODM or OEM service;
  • Almost every month has newest downlight type in the market;
  • No MOQ, 7day delivery;
  • High-quality painting & can accept customized color;
  • track Light with 2 circuits, 3 circuit,s and 4 circuits solutions, different circuits satisfied different projects for the project request;
  • Easy retrofit & installation;
  • No after-service problem!
Why ZCL LED Magnetic Lights is your best China supplier?

Standard magnetic light include:14mm | 21mm | 22mm | 34mm magnetic light with different size with 24v. 34MM magnetic lighting series also can do smart control with 48V. “T” “+” “L” etc accessories parts suitable for all magnetic series. Our magnetic track bar is different with others supplier, ours track bar can be with strip light together. 22mm and 34mm series also can do Round and Curvy magnetic light systems. Newest “Star” Magnetic lights series can be combined with different track lights and pendant lights working together. Popular “Sunset” Magnetic lights series follow the market trend help you get more project. Our magnetic lighting also can be with 360degree lighting connect together, design different types.

Some successful case studies for your reference


How to choose the total power of the switching power supply?

You have to keep 20% of the total wattage to avoid overloading the circuit. For example: total 5pc magnetic light, 1pc with 12w, total power: 5*12=60W then driver total power should be >75w.

for the 24v magnetic track system the power supply types

We have 2 solutions for the drivers to your choice.

A remote driver like Meanwell brand etc;

Driver internal the rail;

How voltage-drop during the during the magnetic track?

It is recommended that the installation length of the lamp track should not exceed 5M, and 5M is a group of separate branch power supply. If necessary, it is best to use 3M to supply power for a set of wires.

for 24v magnetic light can be loose their magnetism?

To avoid demagnetization problems, ZCL magnetic light system also adds a safety buckle on the lamp body to prevent the lamps from falling;

Whats the dimming type?

Triac dim/ 0-10V/ DALI/ Triac or smart control like 2.4G, WIFI Tuya, and Zigbee Etc.

What the voltage for magnetic light system?

The newest 15mm/ 20mm and 34mm professional magnetic light systems all can with 24V and 48V.


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